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Bloat garlic is every area people prefers a kind of eating meat, and it is a kind by everybody accepted the dressing to have profit very to human body, eat garlic to be able to achieve clear hot detoxify more, and the action of effective purify halitosis. But a few people eat however not garlic of be used to, because garlic eats,form stimulative effect to gustatory system into the meeting in mouth. Bloat so the exciting move that place of oneself of garlic of OK and effective purify accompanies garlic, so bloat garlic howA falls in love with the sea to be the same as a city

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Appearance lane is ability delicious?

How does fresh garlic bloat delicious ah

Fresh garlic how is souse delicious?

In the life garlic can do vegetable to still can do dressing not only, its flavour is superexcellent, of course, also somebody likes souse garlic to eat, so garlic how is souse delicious? The souse method introduction about garlic is below. Hope to be able to be helped somewhat to you.

1, fresh garlic can bloat salty garlic

Fresh garlic bloats salty garlic is more delicious, it is before souse fresh garlic cortical with root ministry full take out, put in the time that the left and right sides immerses 3 days in clear water next, want for many times to change water in immersing process, take out after bubble is good, join right amount edible salt direct souse, after half month garlic can tasty, go with rice has taste particularly inviting.

How does fresh garlic bloat delicious ah

2, fresh garlic can bloat sweetened garlic

Fresh garlic souse becomes sweetened garlic particularly delicious also, and the method is not complex also, specific doForum of baby of new Shanghai noble

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The law is go to fresh garlic flay eradicating after manage is clean, put into the basin to join right amount salt and clear water to undertake souse, water can be changed a few times among, a water is taken out to fall after 3 days, divide water of garlic take out I, join right amount white sugar to undertake souse next, spend the time of a monthForum of Shanghai noble baby

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Sweetened garlic can have bloated, its mouthfeel is fragile tender, light garlic aroma ceases, particularly delicious.

3, fresh garlic bloats sweet-and-sour garlic is delicious

Fresh garlic souse becomes sweet-and-sour garlic particularly delicious, when souse, the processing technique of garlic and the processing technique above are same, but the modulation of makings juice has however exquisite, should mix white sugar edible vinegar together1000 beautiful community of Shanghai

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Put in boiler, join a few aniseed and Chinese prickly ash undertake boiling making, after be being boiled, boil a little while again, souse garlic can be used after air is cool, this kind bloats the garlic that go out not only taste is good, return not incidental metamorphism.

Family expenses the souse method of sweet-and-sour garlic

Raw material:

Fresh and tender white skin garlic and violet skin garlic 1000 grams, mature vinegar 800 grams, soft white sugar 500 grams.


Cut the bright garlic that has chosen go a beard, if the false bine above is too long also cut go to a paragraph, leave a few false bine only can. Pare next outer old garlic skin, stay only most the skin of two three-layer tender garlic inside.

Practice measure:

1, the bright garlic that has pared abluent, go up a long time with weak brine bubble or between one climate, false bine of fish out garlic is gadarene park is ventilated place, the unboiled water of surface of garlic of dry in the shade can bloat make sweet-and-sour garlic.

2, good processing bright garlic loads pickle jar in, enter white sugar and mature vinegar, add right amount cold boiled water to flood garlic again can.

How does fresh garlic bloat delicious ah

3, the cap of altar of the pickle on the lid adds watertight to seal, a month controlled sweet-and-sour garlic to succeed with respect to souse.

Complement explains:

1, mature vinegar changes white vinegar or white sugar changes brown sugar to go, both dosage scale also can be adjusted according to his taste.

2, can replace what do not have pickle jar with vitreous bottle, it is OK to want bottle of sealed finally good glass only.

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This is domestic souse the method with sweet-and-sour the simplest garlic, if you still feel the trouble also need not use bubble garlic, it is good to pare bright garlic pare bright garlic directly abluent it is OK to accuse to work souse, but bubble bloat again gust will be betterer.

Share souse the recipe of sweet-and-sour garlic:

One, vinegar had better use white vinegar, because mature vinegar contains sodium the volume is higher than white vinegar, adverse to hypertension and the patient that have cardiovascular disease. The optimal choice of candy is brown sugar. But if do not like the sweet-and-sour garlic with deep color, can choose the combination of white sugar and white vinegar, like the brunet combination that can choose brown sugar or mature vinegar, still can add bit of soy chromatically.

2, boil sweet-and-sour juice open cool hind reoccupy is better, such notting allow that pledge changeably. In addition, sweet-and-sour juice is put cool hind still can put a few honey smooth, such bloating the sweet-and-sour garlic that go out can become glittering and translucent shave is appeared.

3, garlic is more fresh and tender, bloat the sweet-and-sour garlic that go out is more delicious.

4, the scale of all sorts of condiment, can differ according to the individual’s taste undertake increase and decrease.

5, candy and salt basically are render palatable, cannot too sweet also cannot too salty, you are boiling good juice child when taste, if too thick can add a few plain boiled water. Remember must plain boiled water, because want to deposit very long, the job that disinfects so should be done sufficient, and this sweet-and-sour juice is saved well, can use repeatedly.

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