[how does violet leaf lettuce eat] how does _ of lettuce of _ violet leaf eat – of _ edible method

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Value of violet lettuce nutrition is high, contain all sorts of vitamins, carotene, cyanine element and those who abound is mineral, can remove aid digestion, diuresis, sleep peacefully wait for action, and can be fought consenescence and fight cancer to wait, often edible violet lettuce can remove clear heat to calm the nerves, bravery of clear liver benefit and the effect that raise a stomach1000 beautiful community of Shanghai

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How does violet leaf lettuce eat?

1, vegetable salad

Advocate makings: Dish of violet Xie Sheng 1, tomato 2, swallow the canister that take a fish 1 canister

How does violet leaf lettuce eat?

Complementary makings: Italian salad sauce right amount


1, lettuce want take out, wash pick good leaf to reserve.

2, open swallow the canister that take a fish, mix is even.

3, tomato washs clean section.

4, lettuce lacerate put salad bowl inside.

5, put tomato.

6, drench on salad sauce.

7, mix is even.

8, put again swallow take a fish.

9, continue after mix is even can edible.

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How does violet leaf lettuce eat?

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2, tomato lettuce egg spends soup

Advocate makings: 50g of lettuce of tomato 100g, violet leaf, egg 1.

Complementary makings: Green pink of right amount, beef 0.5 spoon, salt is right amount.


1, persimmon is abluent cut smallForum of Shanghai night net

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, lettuce is abluent, cut Cheng Xiaoduo, the egg adds a few salt to hit divide evenly, green cuts chopped green onion.

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2, water is heated in boiler, after water is boiling, join persimmon.

3, after boiling a red boiling water, join lettuce, join pink of a few beef and salt, enter egg fluid, with ladle fire involves after light jog is caky.

3, the practice that Qing Dynasty fries violet leaf lettuce:

[advocate makings] violet leaf lettuce 250 grams

[complementary makings] Chinese prickly ash powder of right amount, garlic is right amount


Lettuce of 1. violet leaf is abluent; of waterlogging caused by excessive rainfall

2. cuts the violet leaf lettuce that drop drops water a paragraph paragraph;

Powder of 3. equipment good garlic, chinese prickly ash (Chinese prickly ash can be not added)Fall in love with sea otter phoenix 419 sauna

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4. oily boiler fries sweet garlic powder and; of Chinese prickly ash

5. enters violet leaf lettuce the; inside boiler

6. opens conflagration to turn over violet leaf lettuce fry even;

Lettuce of 7. violet leaf is fried sweet hind add salt; of one small spoon

8. continues to break up fry give juice to violet leaf lettuce, OK edible.

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