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Pass Tecent Beijing Dong Ali secret meeting is happy inspect, if can get these a few tycoons note endowment, happy inspect probably hopeful of bring the dying back to life. How do you struggle again as the person that do poineering work, your enterprise just surnames a horse in the future just, although resemble happy inspect so wholesale business to also fail to cast off.

Pass Tecent Beijing Dong Ali is secret meeting happy inspect how to return a responsibility? On August 21 message, since Sun Hongbin assumes office oneself, right happy the reform that inspected a system to undertake bold and resolute, sun Hongbin also comes out to seeking strategic investor ceaselessly inside course of study, in Tecent, A, Beijing east all enter likely bureau.

According to ” negotiable securities daily ” report, a personnel of the happy interior that inspect a net disclosed a few days ago: Have Internet magnate really group person and happy inspect a high level to had discussed cooperative matters concerned, but provide physical ability to deny reach uncertain. This is Sun Hongbin the thing of ability clappers. Do not eliminate happy inspect can introduce strategic investor.

As we have learned, actually, enter in Sun Hongbin halt happy after inspecting, quicken hematopoiesis through interior is adjusted and 爱上海龙凤419桑拿

changing of purpose all the time, dish work is happy inspect.

In accredit be in harmony to achieve department staff to garrison the happy board of directors that inspect a net, take up the post of the happy president that inspect a net, finish happy after inspecting a high level to change blood greatly, happy the legal person delegate that inspects a net also is Liang Jun by Gu Yueting change, sun Hongbin had been finished right happy inspect appear on the market systematic palm accuses, fast centralization of state power.

But during the happy in Sun Hongbin replace president that inspect a net is not worth a month, in be being exploded to give impawn hand happy inspect a net total equity. In the meantime, in the bookshops circulates next Sun Hongbin still will change happy inspect LOGO, change even happy inspect a name.



Recently, more the message says, tecent, Beijing east, be opposite at the same time in A what be in the correspondence of the doma新上海贵族宝贝论坛

in severally is happy inspect asset to be interested, and besides Internet enterprise outside, 10 thousand amount to, associate control a target that becomes Le Shifei to hear.

Disclose according to relevant personage, field hind leaves in Gu Yueting, liu Jiang east had undertaken negotiating with Sun Hongbin, beijing east quite big to interest of TV hardware business. Tecent expresses the interest of pair of happy course of study that look a trace. Even the respect also is opposite Alibaba happy inspect asset to show interest.

Nevertheless, tecent, Beijing east, when relevant controller accepts a reporter to seek testimony in A, to this hearsay all not express an opinion.


rrive from Internet tycoon real estate old man, its are passed to be opposite in succession happy inspect be interested, cause outside heat to discuss. Somebody thinks to did not come Sun Hongbin or it is dish of work happy inspect introduce investor; to also have job again wife person expresses, introduce to new capital or be to search receive dish person, future is happy inspect appear on the market system or be differentiated.

To this, personage of the happy interior that inspect a net expresses: Will look at present, sun Hongbin is done not have will happy inspect the meaning that sell, he or very value happy look the business such as big screen, movie and TV, new happy it is completely OK to inspect ego hematopoiesis. Nevertheless he discloses, do not eliminate to be able to suitable strategic investor is joined.

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