MTC judges optimal 2018 game to issue business Capcom to ascend a top successfully

Which game issued business to distribute most good game 2018? Metacritic of game grading website released 2018 year game to publish business pop chart recently. Sheet of this a list of names 上海千花网

posted up is a large number of media that collect according to Metacritic grading serves as think standard, game divides sales volume and player evaluation to won’t consider inside. According to the game amount of the put on sale inside a year, MTC sends game peddling cent for two groups. Issue an amount to achieve or exceed 12 (must MTC gives a mark) return it is a group, hair linage quantity is in of 5-11 money return in be additionally one group. Issue an amount to achieve or under 4 game won’t consider inside. Think standard: 1. Hair is peddling average branch achieves the smooth equational 2.MTC in game of all 2018 put on sale or game of more than 75 minutes of put on sale is occupied more average than 3.MTC branch is achieved or occupy under game of 49 minutes of put on sale than 4. How many to have ” great ” game (MTC average branch achieves 90 minutes at least, it is 7 media at least) the firm that releases game of paragraph and 12 above ranks as follows: 1.Capcom optimal game: ” world of hunter of an eccentric person ” optimal new IP: Without the poorest game: ” bequest of Lock’s person X closes market 2 ” 2. World fine optimal game: ” Suo Ni overcomes enth上海夜网

usiastic Plus ” optimal new IP: ” double dot hospital ” the poorest game: ” echo of bright noisy dragon achieve ” 3.EA optimal game: ” FIFA 19 ” optimal new IP: ” escape ” the poorest game: ” Fe ” 4. Ren Tiantang is optimal game: ” big melee of Ren Tiantang star is special edition ” optimal new IP: ” all directions traveller ” the poorest game: ” card compares luxurious big上海夜网

melee ” 5. Yo green jade is optimal game: ” assassin credo: Odyssey ” optimal new IP: ” move affection ” the poorest game: ” fetch of Gu island Jing 5: Dark hour ” 6. Suo Ni is optimal game: ” Ares 4 ” optimal new IP: ” cosmic robot: The action that rescue ” the poorest game: ” cloth plays fertile team ” 7.Square Enix is optimal game: ” Nea阿爱上海同城

l: Mechanical epoch becomes divine edition ” optimal new IP: ” octahedral (Octahedron) ” the poorest gam阿拉爱上海同城

e: ” silent person ” 8. Palace of the dream austral 10 thousand generation is optimal game: ” Z of dragon bead soldier ” optimal new IP: ” 11-11: ? ? of Huan of word Wo plaque is the poorest game: ” Tennis ” the firm that releases 5-11 money game ranks as follows: 1. Move inspect blizzard (” mission call 15: Black acts 4 ” ) 2.Paradox Interactive (” industry of urban horizon line ” ) 3.新上海贵族宝贝论坛

505 Games (” laser is allied ” ) 4.Take-Two Interactive (” wild big armed escort 2 ” ) 5.Aksys Games (” imprint to death ” ) 6. Beisaisida (” radiation 76 ” ) 7. Microsoft (” ultimate contest fast horizontal 4 ” ) 8.Devolver Digital (” person broken bits ” ) 9.Team17 (” monkey business kitchen 2 ” ) 10.Arc System Works (” behead takes girl different cloth ” )

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