Faster than red axis 40% ! Cherry is released formally brand-new MX Speed silver-colored axis

Nearly two years mechanical clavier large area rises abruptly, be in especially electronic athletics domain, mechanical clavier has become the mark of players to match almost. The cherry that regards mechanical clavier domain as old name (Cherry) also be in optimize the product below the banner ceaselessly, roll out the mechanical clavier with more advanced function.

Cherry just was released formally brand-new MX Speed silver-colored axis (MX Speed Silver) , this axis body research and development of character of contest of special basis report, future will be used by pirate bow hair, time of exclusive half an year.

According to introducing, cheng of key of MX Speed silver-colored axis is 1.2mm (faster than switch of standard Cherry MX Red 40% ) , spark strength is 45cN, assure to have the service life of service life 50 million times.

Current, cherry and corsair brand signed by a definite date the exclusive agreement of 6 months, silver-colored axis of prospective MX Speed will take the lead in appearing in corsair K70 RGB Rapidfire, K65 RGB Rapidfire and K70 Rapidfire among 3 clavier, price is mixed for 169.99 dollars, 139.99 dollars respectively 129.99 dollars. (add up to 1100 yuan about, 910 yuan, 840 yuan of RMBs)

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