The country is taken preceded eventually ” greedy cavern ” version updates drama to appear

Be still in ah breathe out homebred hand to swim little high-quality goods? Be still in turn over a wall to play game? Nowadays, the country is taken preceded eventually! The country that acts as agent by money treasure game arises put venture kind independent hand swims ” greedy cavern ” open 23 days this month download beforehand, ascend an IOS Fu Feibang very quickly. Time lasts to this month 25 days, in numerous and puissant product surround, ” greedy cavern ” Ceng Yuben appears 25 days month miniature concussion, 25 days 18 when – 19 when, ” greedy cavern ” decline to Fu Feibang second banquet, but it still depends on its tenacious vitality, at 25 days 20 when recapture kingship once more. Up to on March 28, 2016, ” greedy cavern ” already sat repeatedly only first place of a list of names posted up 70 hours, jump Ju Chang to sell a list of names posted up 38, number one place is obvious already cannot shake.

Besides, it is reported, ” greedy cavern ” the country takes version to update a week of will banner from beginning to end abroad, this also initiated a beginning of industry.

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