Alloy batholith is grasped feeling is full solution of detailed of mouse of game of laser of Lei Bai V310

Depending on the distinctive feel, metal wind that leads tide, and superhigh sex price is compared. Big plant of old brand actual strength, homebred peripheral is gotten army brand Lei Bai (RAPOO) in recent years VPRO game series more and more get of the player approbate. Metal and peripheral brush an atmospheric scintilla, a9800 laser engine and high-powered chip RAPOO V-power3 hit a 1000 light that change, for everybody detailed solves Lei Bai today of this conscience make—–Mouse of game of laser of form of contest of report of V310 of 199 yuan of Lei Bai.

A good game mouse is not it seems is so peripheral, the elegant exterior of mouse of game of Lei Bai V310, cannot mask driving kernel however, induction of 16 million kinds of A9800 laser engine, 8200DPI, intelligence breathes the lamp, high-end configuration, conscience detail is handled, make mouse qualitative perception sufficient, 199 yuan price lets Lei Bai V310 having powerful competition ability.

Have freeboard industry to design the Lei Bai of ability, the give somebody a new lease on life on this exterior design in V310 is classical, the mouse uses labour of right hand human body to learn concept design, or so semmetry, fluctuation builds disrupt type model, grind arenaceous upper cover to match aluminium alloy palm is held in the palm, in mouse left and right sides two side increased big toe to protect ala and ring finger bear hold in the palm, point to distinctly hold a design in the palm, the effect such as classical VRPO lamplight, bring V310 perfect and comfortable feel. The largest three-dimensional size is the mouse 124.3*76.1*41.7mm, grasp actually feeling belong to medium-sized game mouse, the weight of 165g, the exhaustion that when the bring down plays parent time game, can bring as far as possible feels.

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