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If a year old of darling of half is occurrence anaemia the problem is more serious still, because this is planted,circumstance happening still is scarcer, if happen,may be a kind of when other disease place cause clinical expression, Shanghai noble baby

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After must wanting to find out the pathogeny, ability can make the treatment that has specific aim, do not want oneself to take a few medicaments to darling, and for the little patient to anaemia it is to a lot of is pay attention to above food, must want to absorb high protein and tall caloric food.

How does anaemia of a year old of half darling fill

(One) rest

1, rest can reduce heart lungs burden, ease anoxic condition.

2, spend anaemia gently OK and proper activity, daily life can provide for oneself, but need rests more. Everyday due noon break. When the activity if show giddy, dazed phenomenon, pillow goes making the same score on the horse lie1000 beautiful nets of Shanghai make friend

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, in order to enhance capacity of head loop blood, alleviate giddy symptom, prevent accident happening.

3, the patient that spends anaemia again, need lie in bed to rest, contented patient life needs basically, prevent afterwards to send skin infection. Maintain ward quiet, reduce visit, nurse cure should undertake centrally, in order to make sure the patient rests adequately.

(2) reasonable food

Anaemic patient should give high protein, high fever quantity, Gao TieheFall in love with the sea

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Tall vitamin food, have adjusting control by anaemic reason at the same time. To be short of iron sex anaemia is mixed1000 beautiful community of Shanghai

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Folic acid vitamin lacks the patient of anaemia of be caused by, should note retake to take vegetable of hepatic, beef, green. Be aimed at the patient of oral cavity ache and ulcer of oral cavity mucous membrane, encourage take food, can eat much food less, water more. Food is given priority to with food of delicate, digestible, avoid acrimony, overheat, stimulating food.

How does anaemia of a year old of half darling fill

(3) prevent andNew love Shanghai is opposite with the city touch forum

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Hair disease

1, the skin nurses: The patient is in anaemic condition, incidental skin is affected. To the patient of severe anemia, assistance does good skin cleanness, prevent the skin to defeat;burst;ulcerate;fester. Incidental below anoxic circumstance press sore, because patient of this lie in bed should time assistance turns over, precaution presses sore happening.

2, oral cavity nurses: Physiological saline or gargle of boric acid water are used after taking food, in order to keep clear of the food inside oral cavity is residual. Ulcer of oral cavity mucous membrane person, daily oral cavity nurses 2-3 second, local outside ulcer of besmear oral cavity creams. Use down tooth brush brushs his teeth when; air is dry, menthene of compound of the besmear outside lip prevents with wet lip weather-shack.

How does anaemia of a year old of half darling fill

3, ward environment: Air is fresh, everyday ventilated 2-3 second, maintain indoor and appropriate temperature and humidity, reduce staff of company, visit, prevent infection of patient happening lung.

4, illness observation: Daily measure temperature 3 times, the attention observes the patient has without pharynx the upper respiratory tract such as painful, cough contracts diseaseLove Shanghai is opposite with the city touch

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