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When this kind of circumstance is checking transaminase, discovery has elevatory appearance as a result, but a lot of people did not feel him howeverShanghai joins friendly community to touching with the city

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the body appears any unusual reaction, because this reason just can make,very much patient is not to go to those who rise taking seriously, last when oneself actually the case with high transaminase can cause liver cancer, be about to cooperate the doctor’s cure after this kind of disease happening, such word just can increase his life quality.

 Turn liver is enzymatic tall cause what disease

The cause that causes transaminase to lift has a lot of kinds, if long transaminase on the high side and do not adopt effective remedy, the illness is met to cancer of the liverA pulls love Shanghai to be the same as a city

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Way develops.

The account that transaminase on the high side gets liver cancer easily has below a few:

One, toxic sex hepatitis a variety of medicaments and chemical preparation, wait to be able to cause bilirubin and transaminase to lift like erythromycin, tetracycline, prophylactic, but after stopping drug, transaminase but extensive1000 beautiful nets of Shanghai make friend

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Answer normal, it is to won’t appear below such circumstance aggravation becomes cancer of the liver.

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2, when liver cirrhosis and activity of cirrhosis of liver of cancer of the liver, transaminase and bilirubin prep above is normal level, should cause high attention.

 Turn liver is enzymatic tall cause what disease

3, transaminase on the high side1000 beautiful nets of Shanghai

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The account that gets liver cancer easily still includes virus sex hepatitis, this is to cause the disease with transaminase the commonnest heighten, and ascendant extent and hepatic pathological changes are serious degree agrees not completely. Transaminase on the high side gets cancer of the liver easily to be mixed namely the reason of transaminase on the high side is concerned.

4, disease of sex of other and certain infection is like disease of grow in quantity of monocyte of pneumonic, typhoid fever, tuberculosis, infectivity to wait, have the appearance with elevatory transaminase. In addition, acute parenchyma injury, violent campaign, gestation, yi Ke appears had moved sexual transaminase is elevatory. This also is one of accounts that transaminase on the high side gets liver cancer easily.

The person that drink many or for a long time can produce alcohol sex hepatitis, fatty liver and cirrhosis of alcohol sex liver. Transaminase of patient cereal third lifts with millet straw transaminase lifts. If to this ignored, transaminase on the high side gets cancer of the liver easily to be able to appear namely.

 Turn liver is enzymatic tall cause what disease

If long-term low enzymatic do not fall, should consider to help drug of the in relief method of treating yin deficiency by reinforcing body fluid and nourishing the blood that raise blood with filling gas, only dosage shoulds not be too big, proper little Zun Qing is solved. Cannot originally to fall at clear antidote enzymatic. Lukewarm invigorator rises to say enzymaticly and fear helps at using. more applied quantity is made the same score lessForum of baby of new Shanghai noble

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Mixed square drug, avoid to be given priority to with medicine of many bitter cold. When the circumstance that if use the transaminase after filling to have above 2 times,rises continuously, convert again clear solution, be like the person that after rising first, fall, need not change square.

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